Friday, August 31, 2007

Yes I am Still Alive

Hi all, yes I am still alive!!! What a long few weeks we have had! Everyone had colds or the flu and on top of that I got a chest infection and ended up bed ridden for 4 days! Aches and pains, sweats and chills, vomiting, coughing, temp of 39.5, pains in the head like you wouldn't believe and no energy what so ever!! David had to take a few days off work to look after Sam, and me as my Dr said I was highly contagious and we didn't want Samantha or Spen getting it! I'm still very weak and still coughing but better than I was! Haven't been able to do any craft, or much of anything else if comes down to it, which has been driving me insane! I had been making my sister a little something (can't say much), but that has been sitting waiting for me to get better. I managed to make this gorgeous little dress for Samantha just before I got ill.....

It's nothing to flash, just a basic shift dress. It is all done by hand as I don't have sewing machine, and I was amazed at how quickly I managed to make it. The fabric I found at Spotlight in the remnant bin for $1!!!! I love paisley and when I saw this I had to have it!

It will be nice and cool for her in summer as the fabric is so light. Can't wait to see her in it!

My sister Diane has a pen pal in Scotland, Susan, hi Susan! that sent a cute little teddy bear over to me nearly 11years ago when I was pregnant with my son, well Spencer has handed Teddy on to his little sister and I thought Susan would like to see how Teddy has stood the test of time....

He has had a very interesting life has our Teddy! Flown from Scotland to New Zealand, from New Zealand to Australia, he has been camping a few times and on school camps. He even went missing for about a month at one stage and just turned up again under Spens bed one day! He is lovely and both kids have loved him. Thank you Susan xxxx and thank you for your well wishes when I was sick.

I have made a couple of things that I am dying to put on my blog but I can't until I have sent a parcel to my sister and she has seen them first then I will post them, so stay tuned.


Papoosue said...

I'm glad you are all better now - I hate it when everyone is sick:(

I think Sam will look great in the dress - clever you doing it all by hand too. Don't you think it's quite therapeutic doing some hand stitching? I can't wait to see the 'secret' stuff you've been doing either ;)

I can't believe that is the little teddy!!! I'm so chuffed to see he is still around and obviously has been much loved and passed down from Spencer to Sam - awww, I feel quite emotional now. Thanks for that Pauline (fairly made my day to see him!).xx

campbellgirl said...

Yayyyyyyy, she's back!Glad to see you're blogging again, P. That little dress is CUTE. And Yay for Teddy too. Love &hugs, D