Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does This Make Me Australian???

On Tuesday, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Spencer and I moving from New Zealand to Australia. 3 YEARS!!! Where did that go??? A lot has happened in that time, got pregnant (almost as soon as I stepped off the plane! Not planned at all), got engaged, bought a house, had a gorgeous, but very prem baby girl, fell pregnant again (again not planned), had a miscarriage and now getting married! I guess 3 years classes me as an Aussie!!! Not by me, I will always be a Kiwi, and proud of it! I made a special dinner, lasagne, every one's fav, and chocolate cake.

And to make the day even more perfect, my darling husband to be, arrived home from work with these for me...

David doesn't get me flowers very often so they were a wonderful, very appreciated and loved token of his love.

I thought I would share a few more photos of the reception venue for our wedding..

They have a Ned Kelly theme going on in this area, they even have to Jack Russell dog's, named, Ned and Kelly! I love it, very casual and relaxed, complete with a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling, old comfy leather sofa's, pool table, and no matter how sunny it is, it will be dim inside, perfect my dream of lots of candles!!Hopefully a fun time will be had by all.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Best Wedding Website EVER!!!

Hi all, today I thought I would share with you a website I found and have lived on it for the last couple of days and it has filled me with ideas and made my head spin!! The picture are just glorious and have given me so much to work with in planning our wedding reception.

The site is and I stumbled upon it using Google, what did we do before Google?

I want to do something similar to the top right picture, put lace around candle holders to put on each table at the reception, and make a few cornucopia's like the picture on the right near the bottom to hang on chairs for the ceremony.

If you love weddings, are planning a wedding and need inspiration or just love gorgeous pictures have a look at this site, it won't disappointed

I don't know if I have put these pics on before, but this is the garden we are planning on getting married in, weather permitting, it is lovely...

And this is where we will be having our reception...

As the tables are only small I am only going to put a single candle on each, with maybe a love quote printed on the same paper as invitations, on each as well. Maybe a lace doily under the candles. There will be a special table for the cake and one for the wedding favours I made. The bar that runs part of the perimeter of the room will have 3 vases of flower's and plates filled with candles on it. And I'm thinking of a way to decorate the chairs, but may just leave them, I don't want to get to carried away and end having it look tacky.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Little Lady

Samantha is growing up so fast! It only seems like last week when we were having her in the hospital, now, we are going through the lovely potty training phase!!! Oh the joy! She is great at doing wee's in it, but when comes to doing poo's in, NO WAY!! She did it once and now just holds it in until we put a nappy back on her. We have tried bribing her, chocolate, watching the Fairies, lollies, but nothing helps. We aren't to worried about it at this point I mean she is still only young.

I have started to get a bit nervous about the wedding now that it is getting closer and closer! I have little nagging things that bug me about things that may go wrong, I'm am trying to tell myself that every wedding has hitches and none go perfect so just relax and take it as it comes. I am getting excited as well, especially about having most of my family here, my mum and middle brother booked their flights over from NZ the other week, can't wait to see them!!!! The only things left to do is to find Spencer an outfit to wear, finding black dress pants in his size that don't cost $55 is a mission!!! Considering he will probably never wear them again, I don't really want to spend that if I don't have to. And the reception decorations!!! I will be making the cake a few weeks before the day and freezing it, decorate it the Friday before. 9 weeks to go!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hi all, yes I am still here, just haven't been in the mood to fight with the computer trying to get photos to upload!

Hope you are all fine and dandy, things going swimmingly here, been cold and wet but I guess that's what you get in winter isn't it?

We bought a new dining setting off Ebay (love Ebay!!!) the other day. It is very much needed as the set we had only had three chairs and two off them were nearly falling to bits!!! And with most of family staying here for the week around our wedding we need every, decent, chair we can get!


Just when I thought we had made all the decisions we needed to for the wedding, someone mentioned decorations for the reception!!!!! Totally had not even thought about it!! So if anyone has any ideas for cheap, but elegant, table top decorations, all ideas gratefully received. I'm thinking maybe just a pretty candle on each table, but will consider anything.