Thursday, July 22, 2010


My brother-in-law Andrew finally married his girlfriend, Ashley on July 10 near Sydney. Woo hoo, love a good wedding. Some of us had been trying for months ( and I mean MONTHS!!) to try and help Ashley (the bride) plan a wedding, to no avail! She wanted to lose weight first, then couldn't pick a date, doesn't like dresses, didn't want white, didn't want big wedding. Well she ended up going to Sydney (they live near Melbourne around the corner from us) to stay with her mum, and her mum planned the wedding, and paid for most of it, in about 2 months flat! Remember the not wanting big, white wedding, this is what they ended up with...

Mr & Mrs Spinks with daughter Skye

Wedding party

Cake table

Andrew & Ashley with my husband David, Andrew's brother.

There's nothing like a small wedding!!! lol

Me (looking pregnant! Hate this shot!), David, Spen & Samantha.

Sam doesn't look happy it was about 8.30pm and she was very tired. About 20 mins after this shot she was asleep in arms.

It was a lovely day, long, but lovely.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time For A Change

My son Spencer (age 13) and I coloured our hair the other day!
He went from this...

And I went from this...


To this...

And this...

It is the first real colour Spencer has put in his hair and he loves it! It has taken a bit for every one to get used to but I'm used to changing my hair so it didn't really shock me. But gee my boy is growing up! As for me this is the closest to blond I have been. I was shocked and horrified when I rinsed the colour out, it looked very orange, but as it dried it got better and now 2 days later I LOVE IT!!!

Photos of my brother-in-laws wedding coming shortly.