Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!! Better Late Than Never!

Hi all, long time no blog!!!!
Don't have a heart attack D!
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year. It has been a busy few weeks here for us, organising wedding things, painting the bathroom (what a mission!), Spen coming home from NZ and getting him ready for school (went back to school today).

Where do I start.....

We had a quiet Christmas here, had lunch with Davids family which was nice then had a quiet but very hot New Years eve. We didn't go out, David and I had a few quiet drinks on the deck, to hot inside!! It was like 43 degrees that day and didn't cool down that much at night!! Yes I know we are boring, but with no one to watch Samantha it is a bit hard to go out and party....Who am I kidding we wouldn't go and party ....ok ok you caught me out we are boring!!!!

Wedding plans are coming along nicely, we met with the celebrant today, her name is Nola and she is perfect! We also went to look at a garden and venue to have our wedding and reception, as David's mum Angela has offered to pay for it.....

It is a lovely garden, not what I was expecting, better!!!!! I love it, it isn't formal it is relaxed and rustic, and the best thing is it is a load of stress off me because I don't have to worry about perfecting our garden and we are having the reception there as well and I don't have to cook YIPPEE!!!!

The Bathroom!!!!

My god what an epic (thanks D) that has been! When we moved into our house, nearly 2years ago this was the only room that needed work, and it really needed work!!! The ceiling was covered in mould. the walls were washed in a white paint put on with god knows what, the shower was disgusting and had a shower curtain, hate those!!! Tiles were falling off the wall blah blah blah I think you get the idea. David and his dad Ray re-tiled the shower and we had a shower screen put in, they did a great job! We just never got round to painting it 'til now. I will post pics of before and after when we finally finish it, which should be before to long, oh please don't let it be to long!!!

Well I had better go and be a good mum and get Spen's lunch ready for tomorrow.

Will blog some more soon, I promise!