Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Princess Is Home

Samantha got the all clear from the Dr yesterday at around noon so her and David are now at home!! YIPPEE!!!! She still has a bit of diarrhoea, and still not eating very much but she has re hydrated and looking much better. I have to say I was worried about my little girl ,it is a huge relief to have her home again! She didn't react the way we thought she would when she got home...we thought she would be happy to see Spencer and mummy but no all she wanted was dad! Made me cry and upset Spen, every time we went near her she would cry and scream. But I thought about it and spoke to David and we can understand now, everyone who came near her in the hospital poked and prodded her except daddy and she hadn't seen us for 2 days so I fully understand her reaction now. This morning, after a 12 hour sleep she is happy with us all and a lot brighter! We just have to get her to start eating a bit more and keep her fluids up as much as possible.

Her is photo of Missy in hospital the day before she came home, so she actually doesn't look to bad here....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Very Bad Week

Well where do I start.....Samantha has contracted gasto from her cousin, had vomiting on Monday night then diarrhea on Tuesday. Her temp went through the roof and we couldn't even get her to drink so David took her to our Dr, as I had contracted it by this stage he had to take her by himself. Dr Hanna said take her straight to the hospital!!! She has been in there since Wednesday morning with a drip in to get fluids into her and bandages wrapped round her hands to stop her pulling the tube out,she looks like she has boxing gloves on, she hates both!!! We were hoping she could come home today but she has lost 1/2kg in one day and being tiny (9kg) to start with she can't afford to loose that much and she won't drink by herself and brings up everything she eats!! The really hard bit for me is I can't be in there with her as I am contagious!!! David is staying in there with her, thank god he has an understanding boss! She will be assessed again tomorrow but we don't think she will be home until at least Saturday or Sunday because she has to stop vomiting and pooing and have wet nappies (which she isn't at the moment)and start drinking again. It is so heart breaking not being there for her!
And just to make things worse yesterday is the anniversary of our miscarriage last year. Let me just say yesterday was a tough day for me!!