Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let It Snow

Well we had our first dump of snow for the year on the mountain behind us on Monday. We took the kids up for a quick play...

Snow Bunny Samantha

If you look hard you can just see Spen at the top of the tower.

We didn't stay for very long but the kids had a great time, but it was nice to get home to the wood fire and warmth!

David's dad and his partner have been staying with us for a couple of weeks, they are from Bunderberg in Queensland, so the cold weather was tough on them! It was great having them here, the kids love Grandad and Nanny Ree, and it was nice that we could all spend some time together.

And as Angela is still not talking to me and avoiding us, it was nice to have grandparents around for the kids. I have been missing my family so very much the last few weeks!!! I don't know what to do about Angela, and it is stressing me out! No one else seems to be worried it, but I am trying to plan a wedding and that is hard to do when some one as important as the groom's mum is being difficult! David says he doesn't care if she comes to wedding but it worries me and I don't want a wedding if she is going to be spiteful. What really gets me is everyone else in the family thinks the same way about how Angela treats the 3 grand daughters differently (favours Jessica over Sam and Skye), but I was the one who stood up and said something and now no one wants to back me up and say its nothing to do with them, yet they have nagged to me to say something, and moan to me when Angela does it! it really pisses me off!!! Kim and Daniel won't say anything because they have a babysitter when ever they want one and its their daughter who is the "favourite"! Andrew and Ashley ( Skye's parents) won't say anything because they have only just moved down from Queensland and need to borrow money off Angela. It all just makes me so bloody frustrated I want to tell them all to fuck off, but I won't because they are David's family after all. I guess I will just suffer in silence and see what happens.

I will finish on a happy note. I found this hat the other day and had to buy it, it was to cute not to get....

I love it and Samantha looks so damn cute in it!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Baby Girl Turns 2!!!!

Well our baby girl turned last week, how old do I feel!!! We had lunch at our place with David's family. Samantha got all dressed up...

She got very spoilt from everyone. A blackboard/easel, outdoor table and chairs, books, hair clips, play dough, clothes, flowers, bath toys and even $70!!! Her big brother gave her a little toy dog and a cat as well, she loves them, and her dad and I got her a little bracelet, seems she had already got the duvet and wardrobe (see previous blog entry).

It was a good day for our little girl, well not so little girl any more is she! She even managed to blow out one of her candles on her cake all by herself...

A good day was had by all.

We also have good news about Samantha's weight, she has gained a whole kilo in the last four weeks, she is now 10kg! I was very relieved and nearly did a little dance when I read the scales!! Hopefully she will keep putting on weight.

Now for the bad news, I have now alienated the mother-in-law to be!! I went around the other day to have a chat with her about a few issues I have, trust me you don't want me to go into detail, that I have had for a while and it is making stressed and ill. When ever I'm around her now I clam up and fell sick. Well I had a calm discussion with her and lets just say it did not go down well! She is now not talking to me and I think I feel even worse about everything now! It is getting to the point where I am thinking about calling off the wedding. I guess we'll see how things pan out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday Girl

Our little girl turns 2 on the 15th!!! Where has the time gone??? It just seems like yesterday I was in the hospital having her! Any way David and I went shopping for her present yesterday, we wanted to get her a doona (duvet) for her her bed and a cover for it, and this is what we decided on...

Its not very clear but it has flowers and butterflies and little girls skipping, it is so cute, I love it!

Samantha saw it and kept saying "flowers", I think she likes it

We also finally got her a wardrobe, hers is the only bedroom that didn't have a built in one so we have been looking for one that I like (yes I'm fussy), and we finally found one at a garage sale on the weekend...

It had hideous pine handles on it that I took off and replaced with brass pull handles, much nicer. It has a few scratches and marks on it but it's pointless sanding it and making it perfect when Samantha and her cousins are just going to ride things into it and make more scratches, so I'll wait until she's a bit older then sand and varnish it. And it matches her bed perfectly, which I didn't even think about when we we bought it! Oh yeah the best thing is it only cost $10!!!!!

Having a get together at our place on Sunday for her birthday so will let you know how that goes.