Thursday, August 9, 2007

Grow Little Flowers

Would you believe that I found these little darlings growing in the lawn next to our clothesline! I saw them while I was hanging the washing out last week and they brought a smile to my face. I dug them up and transplanted them into my garden and they are just blooming and thriving! Violets are one of my fav flowers, I just love the combination of the green and the violet colours.

Speaking of little darlings....
This little darling spends a lot, and a mean a lot of the day doing this, removing her socks!!! When I took this shot at about 10am it was about the 6th time she had done it today!!! She takes them off and then brings them to me and says "Ta", or she sees me and runs in the opposite direction, her socks in her hands giggling her head off!!!
The jeans she is wearing here are my favourites. Being as tiny as she is it is not an easy task finding jeans that fit her without the assistance of a belt! She has a very tiny waist and no hips (Oh how I wish that was me I was describing!!!), so when I came across these and discovered that they were a perfect fit I was ecstatic!!!!! And I love the flowers and hearts around the bottom, just adorable!

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