Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well the threat of fire has eased but is still there depending on what the weather brings. Luckily we have had mild weather for the last week which has helped the fire fighters contain most of the fires but still a couple have the option to flare up if the wind picks up, so our bags are still packed ready to get out if we have to.

The death toll is now at 200, but still expected to rise as they still have about 80 people unaccounted for!

Where we are in the Yarra Valley there is a command centre for the CFA just down the road from our town where the water bombing helicopters are stationed, two big orange ones and a New Zealand helicopter arrived to help the other day...

Samantha thinks they are great, they fly over all the time and we went down and actually saw them take off the other day, she was petrified but excited at the same time.
We have fire fighters from all over Australia, New Zealand and the USA here fighting these massive fires at the moment, god bless them all!!!
Australians have raised about 100million dollars for the bushfire victims which I think is totally amazing!!! Thank you to all those who have given money, clothes, food or the time and services to these people, you are all angels xxx

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Papoosue said...

How are you doing,missus? You okay? How is the weight loss going? I've lost 5.5lbs so far (had one bad week when it was my birthday) and I'm reasonably pleased - it's not bad for three weeks loss. It's not easy though ;-) I hope you are all well. love. XXX