Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hottest Day On Record

Well we thought last week was Victoria had it's hottest ever day on record....46.4 degrees Celsius!!!!!! It has been sweltering!!! What makes it even worse is that there are dozens of bushfire's roaring around the state. We have had gusting northerly winds which is just fuelling the fires and as we are in the middle of a major drought things are tinder dry!!!! We don't have any bush fires close to us, well not close enough to worry about...YET!!! But today we have had scorched leaves and ash falling on us and smoke in the air, which makes you worry a bit I have to admit. I took some photos to show you....

Normally at around 6pm, when I took these photos there is blue sky and it is very light, but today this is what was outside and it was dark!Then we noticed this plume, which we are not sure if it was smoke or cloud, but it looked amazing, and kept growing like a volcano eruption!!!!And this is what our white outside furniture looked like...Covered in ash!!!!

The good news, yes there is some, is that for the following week the temperature shouldn't get above 30!!!! THANK GOODNESS!!!!I will keep you up to date with developments.

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