Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh The Calmness!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, the fire threat is over.... THANK GOD!!!! We had rain last weekend and even though a few fires are still going they are controlled and not a threat to anybody! It is so nice to have everything back to normal, Spen back at school,no packed bags sitting around waiting to be whisked away if we evacuated, no water bombing helicopters flying around, no stress every time the smoke gets thicker!!! Thank you to all CFA fire fighters, fire fighters from around the world, SES workers and all who helped keep us all safe during this trying and tiring month.

Diet is going well, people have started to notice the weight falling off me now, not sure how much I have lost but clothes are loser and had to put stitches in jeans to hold them up! I don't like weighing myself so I go by how loose my clothes get. I'm happy with the result and as a reward I dyed my hair! I was contemplating cutting it all off... going from this..........

To this....
But David said he loved my long hair (even though he complains about finding it laying around every where), so I decided to dye it instead, from the natural red to dark brown...

Not the best photo sorry, I am still not sure if I like it or not, David and Spencer love it!!! David's dad Ray said I looked expensive, but he didn't say I looked bad, so that's good coming from him!

Going to be a big week, my 37th (OH MY GOD) birthday on Friday, not planning anything special, Spen won't be here, his dad is coming over from NZ and having him for a few days, David might do something I don't know. He has bought me (us) a new bed for my birthday, gets delivered on Thursday, can't wait!!! What a darling he is. Diane, I think you will be surprised at the bed I picked!!! Stay tuned!!!


campbellgirl said...

LOVE THE HAIR! So glad you didn't cut it like Keira's, don't think it would suit you - or could it be that I just can't imagine you with hair THAT short! Your new look reminds me of someone, but I just can't quite put my finger on who. Could be Scarlet Ohara.

Can't wait to see your new bed. Will I be surprised or envious?

And yes, God bless the CFA.

Love and hugs, D.

Papoosue said...

ooh, I love it too, it really suits you. I like that you look 'expensive'!

Glad you're safe xxxxxxxxxx