Sunday, July 22, 2007

Snow Bunnies

We had a big extended family outing on Sunday. David, myself, Spen & Sam along with Danny , Kim & Jessica went up to the snow!!! YAHOO!!!!! (Do you get the idea that I like snow?). It takes a 35minute drive in both cars then about a 20minute drive in Danny's Land Rover, a ride that Samantha thought was so great, almost like a roller coaster ride really, but Danny is a skilled 4x4 driver so we were safe at all times. Samantha laughed and smiled the whole ride in Uncle Danny's Landy!

Sam and Jess were our little snow bunnies and looked so cute (if not like mitchilin babies) in their snow suits....

Samantha's suit, gloves and gumboots are all to big for her, but trying to find gumboots in her size is a mission that I am getting very tired of! And the gloves were to dam cute to leave in the shop (something I do on a regular basis when it comes to Sam). The girls were not to sure about all the cold, wet white stuff to start with, but then Sam realised she could pick it up and eat it! She love it (it was pristine untouched snow no one had been there but us)....

Spencer didn't really have much fun, he complained how cold it was and spent most of the time eating the snow and dodged the crossfire of snowballs between David and Danny.

The only reason David is smiling in this photo is because he has a snow ball behind his back which her threw at me once I had taken this shot! Got me right on the chest and let me tell you the snow was very hard!!

I made or should I say attempted to build a snowman, but no one wanted to help me, and with my back still in a bit of pain (not helped by sitting in the back of the Landy and bouncing around the place) it was a sad attempt! I did take a photo but upon looking at it when we got home i deleted id, it was a bit pathetic!

I love the trees up in the National Park area, they grow so straight, like they are going for their life reaching for the sun, not wasting any time bending or growing branches, it's almost like a race between all the trees to see which one can get to the sun first!

Samantha has taken to hugging Jess when ever she can, it is so cute, seems almost like she is trying to protect Jess and comfort her.....

We all had a great time then came home to warm up and had a spit roasted lamb roast and chicken YUMMY! David and Danny love doing their spit roasts and I have to say they are dam good at them!

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