Monday, July 16, 2007

Pat a cake ...Pat a cake.....

Spencer and I spent Sunday after noon baking, a good thing to do when it's raining and freezing outside!!

We, or should I say Spencer made a chocolate moon cake....

It didn't turn out exactly how we wanted but Spen thought it was great, and it tasted great, except the icing which I thought was way to sweet, so we let David take the rest of the cake today to share with the boys at the golf course, (much appreciated so David informed us when he got home today).

Then I made double chocolate chip cookies......

These are DELICIOUS!!!!! Had some melted chocolate left over from the top of the cake so me spread that on some of the cookies!!!

Then came the low-fat (ha ha ha after all that chocolate!!!!!) apple and cinnamon muffins.....

Samantha shared one of these today and they are really good, I thought they might be a bit dry or tasteless but no they turned out moist and full of flavour.

I had to show this picture it shows a little more of my gorgeous tablecloth. I love it so much, little holes (only two) and stains included, and would you believe it only cost me $1 at the op shop in Woori Yallock when we lived there. Oh the stories it could tell if could talk!!!

All and all a productive day, and plenty of treats for my two men (David & Spen) to take to work and school for lunch this week. Samantha and I will probably end up with the muffins.... But hey I need to lose weight any way!

This is a photo of Samantha with her cousin Jessica who came round to play today, not that Jess can do much at the moment, she can sit up but is not crawling yet. Sam tries to play with her and Jess giggles a lot at her but when Sam walks away she expects Jess to follow and can't work out why she doesn't! It's kind of cute. I have a soft spot for Jess as she has red hair like mine, if you saw Sam and Jess with me and Jess's mum Kim together you would thing Jess was mine, both red heads, and Sam was Kim's, both blonde!! Oh Jess is 8 months old, and she thinks Spencer is the funniest thing she's ever seen!!! She cracks up laughing when ever she sees him!! Very cute!

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campbellgirl said...

Oh yummy! That's a nice bit of baking you have there, P. So Spen still likes to bake does he? We used to make giant choc chip bikkies sometimes when he visited me. I'm glad he's still keeping it up.

And that's Jess then. Could be mistaken for yours indeed!

Cheers, D.
(like your new layout and colours!)