Thursday, July 19, 2007

Samantha's new jumper

Samantha received a new cropped jumper from her Aunty Diane in New Zealand the other day. It is so CUTE!!!!! Aunty Diane made it for her and knitted a hat for me... Thanks sis, we love you xxxx Doesn't she just look so cute in it.......

Thank you Aunty Diane


We have had a cold blast coming through the last few days, we thought we might get a bit of snow down as far as us, but all we got were a few sleet showers!!! We could see snow on Mount Little Joe and Mount Donna Buang up behind us. Tried to take a few photos but fog kept getting in the way this is as good as I could get...

We are planning on going up Mount Donna Buang on the weekend (if it doesn't rain) so will take some more photos up there. All I can say is I am glad we got our wood heater put in when we did, not a moment to soon I assure you!!! GO EBAY!!!!!!

Oh yeah... little miss Samantha has just discovered, much to her pleasure and our horror, that she can climb onto the dining chairs and then onto the dining table!!!!! Oh the joy!! She is climbing, or trying to climb everything at the moment, chairs, sofa's, coffee tables, dining table, cot, even windows and doors!!

Here are some some photo's of her trying to do Spen's homework....

Sadly for Spencer she wasn't much help and he had to do it himself, but she made us all laugh and made the chore of doing homework a little bit more fun for Spen. Hopefully she will be this enthusiastic about homework when it is actually hers and it's time to do it, ha ha ha!

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