Friday, July 6, 2007

Just Call Me The Hunchback Of Millgrove!!

What a week I have had! Went to Dr's on Monday Spen's tonsil's are all better (for now), I have a viral infection that is making swallowing a bit difficult but nothing major and I have a small growth on my eye socket near my nose that Dr Hanna wants to SCRAP OFF!! Nothing serious just one of those annoying bumps.

Got up one Tuesday, got Samantha dressed and fed, I had a shower and got dressed, did a bit of house work, went to change Samantha's nappy and half way through changing it I got excruciating pain in my lower back!!! I couldn't move, I yelled for Spencer to come and finish the nappy while I tried to stand up. I have never felt so much pain in my life!!!!!! Child birth, epidural needles and c-section had nothing on this pain!!!!! I couldn't get comfortable and was crying my eyes out because of the pain , poor Spencer didn't know what to do, but he just kept an eye on Samantha and kept trying to help me. Standing hurt, sitting hurt, so I thought I'd try laying down and see if the pain would go away...... WHAT A MISTAKE!!!!! Laying down did nothing at all so I tried getting up again, what a nightmare that was! It took me about 30Min's to stand up with lots a screaming, swearing and tears involved! Finally got up and Spen and I realised that this wasn't going away and we needed help. I rang David at work, speaking to the lovely Claire ( the office girl ) who radioed David to come back in (he works on a private golf course ) and them talked to me trying to make me feel better until David got there. My huny buny came home and we rang my Dr who said go straight to hospital because it have been something connected with the viral infection which could have gone to my spinal cord ( yep that scared me!!!! ) or it could be a pinched nerve. He mentioned x-rays, spinal taps etc which of course really reassured and calmed me!!!
After a very long uncomfortable 1 hours drive, felt like 3 hours, I had to wait an hour and a half to see a Dr!!! Sitting hurt, standing hurt, everything hurt so I just walked back and fourth until I finally got to see Dr Wilson who was very nice and checked me over then informed me that it was just a sprain/strain of my lower back, mainly just wear and tear, 2 pregnancies haven't helped. Nothing they can do except give me pain killers. Pain should sub-side over the next 4-6 weeks! Well I have to say I was relieved that it was nothing serious but knowing that I was in for weeks of pain wasn't a fun prospect!
So I have spent the last 4 days at home in constant pain, even with Seriously Strong Painkillers. Have spent 3 nights on the sofa watching crap TV and trying to sleep, not really succeeding. I told David I'd sleep on the sofa until the pain went a way a bit or else I'd keep him up all night with me moaning and groaning every time I moved.
Spencer has been a god send!!! I am very proud of him, he has spent his first week of his holidays at home looking after Samantha and his mum! He has been great with Samantha, getting her up and playing with her, picking her up when she's upset, as I can't ( which I hate! ) He has been bringing firewood in for the fire, helping with house work, just been a great help! Thank you my darling son I appreciate all you have done over the last week. I love you xxxx
Well hopefully I start feeling better soon, because let me tell you I"M SICK OF THE PAIN!!!!


campbellgirl said...

Hi HB of M! Showed Mum your blog today - she loved it. Will set her up with a bookmark when we get her computer back up to speed. Meantime, keep up the good work!!

Spencer is a GREAT young man! I think a crisis brings out his best qualities. Carry on Spencer! xxx

Papoosue said...

Oh Pauline, you poor thing! I can totally sympathise with this one as the same happened to me last year - I was in bed for about 4/5 days and no position was comfortable BUT, it did go away!!! Yay! Bear with it dear, it WILL go. Well done to Spencer - what a guy!