Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wedding plans

Hi fellow bloggers, how are you all going? Me and my little family are doing well. Summer has gone again, we actually had our log fire going the other day, it was freezing!!!

Been busy, trying to get the outside of the house painted before the cold weather set in, don't think we won that one! We have done about a quarter of it but cool days and rain have been a hindrance. We'll get there.

Wedding plans are coming along nicely, I bought my mother a gorgeous outfit on Ebay the other night (what did we do before Ebay?!!!)....

As my lovely mother is giving me away at the wedding I wanted her to have something very special, when I saw this I had to get it. I know she will kind of blend in with me but I love this outfit and mum will cry when she sees it I think! She is going to look gorgeous!!!

I also bought my flowers...

As my dad won't be here for the wedding I have attached a bone carving he made to the flowers so I can have something to remind me of him and he can be here in spirit. I was going to do my own real roses but as we are on a very tight budget I saw these for only $15, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than real ones and I really love them so I'm very happy.

Made up our wedding invitations the other day as well...

Sorry the picture isn't very clear but you get the general idea I'm sure. I am really happy with how they turned out and even happier that I actually made them myself, and saved us a fortune! I found the rose picture online, and glued ribbon to the bottom of the invite with a gold heart button threaded onto it.

I think I have finally found a hairstyle that I like! This has been one of the harder decisions I have had to make and it has been keeping me awake at nights let me tell you!! Any way this is what I have chosen (maybe)....

So let me know what you think. I love that it has wispy bits hanging down and it is elegant and special, something that I never have with my hair!! I don't want anything perfect and tidy as it would clash with the style of my dress I think. And it will show off my pearl and diamante earrings and pearl necklace to perfection!!!

Not many decisions left to make, thank goodness!! We think we have finally chosen a colour for the guys! It seems to be the only colour all the guys agree they will wear and it will set off the pink of the girls really well.

Well I had better go now. If any of you have any pictures for hairstyles that you think I might like feel free to let me know! Love ya's!

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campbellgirl said...

I don't know who's going to look gorgeouser (yes I know that's not a 'real' word, and I don't care!) - you or mum!!! Fabulous outfit, and those flowers are lovely. I wish dad could be there in the flesh for you but being there in spirit is the next best thing. I really love that you have added the carving to your bouquet and I'm sure dad will be very touched by your doing it too. xxx