Monday, February 11, 2008

New Bathroom...Well Kind Of

As promised I have pics of the new bathroom for you all. First the old bathroom.....

As you can see it was a mess!!! It has taken some hard work from both David and I but here is the end result.....

We still need to replace a couple of wall tiles and get new handles for the cupboards but you can see what we're aiming for in the over all look. I love the wall colour. The candle sconces have been sitting in my wardrobe since mid last year, a mother's day gift from my kids, I wanted the perfect place to put them and I think they look perfect in here! I used to hate walking into this room, but now I love it!!! Well worth the hard work we put into it.

In other news, Samantha slept in her big girl bed for the first time on Sunday night!...............

She did really well the first night stayed in the bed, the second night she got out about 3 times to knock on the door but finnally went to sleep. Then last nigh she got out about 15 times to look out the window and play but then it got dark so she stayed in the bed, but I was woken up at 12.38am by her sceaming, then heard a thud! She had woken up and tried to get out of bed and fell on the floor. So I put her back into her cot for the rest of the night. She looks so cute in the bed but I don't know if she is really ready to be in it yet, she has always been a fidgeter in the cot, never stays where you put, through the night she travels all the way around the cot! We will see how we go in the bed tonight and decide from there.

I have also finally found my wedding shoes!!! Yes I know I still have 8months to go but what can I say I like to be organised!................

You can't see clearly in the phot but the butterflies have little diamantes all over them.

I saw them and knew they were perfect, as I am a butterfly fanatic! I have a butterfly tattoo on my left shoulder blade, Samantha's room has butterfly's everywhere and i have a lot of butterfly jewellery. These sandles will be comfy yet glamerous at the same time. I'm not really a heeled shoe kind of girl and as we are having a garden wedding heels would just sink into the lawn anyway so I think these are perfect. I have every thing I need for the wedding now just have to get Celeste a dress (who knew finding a girls size 12 pink dress would be so hard!), shoes for her and Samantha and shirts and pants for the guys.


campbellgirl said...

Nice job! I know you put a lot of effort into the bathroom, and I think you did good, girl!

Doesn't that Sammy-girl look sweet in her big bed? Isn't her hair getting long?

Love the sandals, P, they're just right!

xxx D.

Papoosue said...

Hi Pauline. I'm glad you got the card okay :-)

Well done on your bathroom makeover by the way, it looks great and I love the sconces, they are really neat. Coincidentally, my bathroom needs a little work too - especially since I had to throw out the carpet that was in there because Lucy was sick on it and... well, let's just say the carpet had to go! I'll stick to vinyl flooring from now on I think.

I LOVE the pics of Sam in her big bed. Bless her, she looks so cute sitting there. Miss Lucy went into her bed with no problems (she fell out a couple of times at first, but soon got used to it)but Adam still doesn't like to sleep alone!!