Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good To Be Home

I have been trying to post photos on this blog, but my darling David has installed some new software and for some reason it won't let me post the photos, which is totally frustrating me I can tell you!!!! I will get him to fix it tonight and hopefully be able to post photos shortly!!! It's boring without the photos isn't it?

Well the holiday is over but I must say it is good to be home again, boy you miss your own bed when you are away don't you?!
We had a great two weeks up north catching up with family and having a look around.
We left home 6am 8 September, spent the first night in Coonabarabran, New South Wales. Left there at 5am on 9 September and arrived in Bundaberg, Queensland at around 4pm. It was a very long 2000km drive made a bit worse but Samantha who is not used to being couped up in car, not being able to run around all day like she usually does, but she could have been a lot worse!
It was great to get to Grandad Ray's & Nanny Ree's and relax knowing that we didn't have any long drives for a few days!
We got to meet little Skye, who is nearly one and has just stared to crawl. She is a little cutie I must say.
The first day we took things easy and just relaxed after 2 days in a car. And I finally got to see real live kangaroo's!!! After 2 years in Australia would you believe the only roo's I had seen were dead ones on the road and one bouncing around a friends lounge, she looks after injured wildlife, but it's just not the same as seeing them live! Grandad Ray feeds roo's in his back yard every morning and evening so I got to see them every day! It was great!!!! Samantha kept calling them dogs, anything with four legs is a dog at the moment.
The second day we were there we went to a local beach and had a BBQ lunch. It was the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen!!! So blue and clean, and not a single person to be seen!!!!!!! Sam was terrified of the waves so clung on to dad for dear life!!!! But she loved the shells and the sand and the BBQ!!! Spen went for a swim and loved it. I have to explain the temperature difference from home and Qld at this point, when we left home it was raining and about 13, in Qld it was sunny, not a cloud to be seen, and 29-31!!! We all slept well after our beach trip I can tell you.
Spen had his highlight of the holiday with David's brother Andrew, who drives large trucks. He had to do a trip to Brisbane and he asked if Spen wanted to go with him. Spen was so excited!!! They left at around 9am and got back about 7.30am the next morning. Spencer was totally exhausted but had the best time ever!!! The truck is a large Kenworth flatnose with trailers that are called B-doubles over here.
David and I went to the Bundaberg rum (a very popular drink over here) distillery for a tour, and were rather disappointed with what we got, you don't get to tour the factory unless you pay a fortune, so well just got to look around a little building they have full of displays and received a free drink at the end. At least we can say we have been there I guess.
Will continue the run-down at a later stage, I'm expecting a phone call from family in New Zealand so have to get off the computer, sorry family comes before blog! No disrespect to you all.

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campbellgirl said...

Wow, you certainly packed a fair bit into your hols! I'm so envious. Glad you are home and back to the blog though, I missed you. It was great to chat on the phone too. xoxox D