Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's A Miracle!!!!

Just a quick addition today.

A miracle has happend..... I actually did a cross-stitch!!! I cant remember the last time I did one!!!!! How bad is that! My mum included a few little kits in the parcel to Samantha I mentioned in previous blog and I finished this one in about 3 days! Granted it's not a big one, but hey I have to ease myself into it again, don't want to burn out the brain cells to much do I.

I had better go now, Spencer is home from school and we are going to the Dr's soon, suspected tonsillitis, for about the 7th time in the last year!!

Bye for now.

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Papoosue said...

Well, for someone who hasn't done one for a while, that cross stitch looks pretty darn good! It's gorgeous Pauline - I'm impressed you found the time! I hope Spencer is feeling better, they don't like to remove tonsils these days I don't think? Poor thing, he must be feeling rotten. I'm sending him a big hug from Scotland.xx