Friday, June 15, 2007

I cant work life out!!!!

Hi again.

Life can be so damn frustrating sometimes!!!! Just when you think things are going ok and life is good things stuff up!!! For some odd reason I have been really cranky and moody the last few days (before you think it let me just say NO IM NOT PREGNANT!!) which is making everyone's life hell because I keep snapping at everyone. I dont mean to and I hate doing it!!! The lack of sleep, Samantha is teething,OH THE JOY, may have a little to do with it I guess, but it just makes life really frustrating when no one is happy and it's my fault. But I have given myself a kick up the jacksy and am trying to be positive and happy. The suprise phone call my sister today probably helped, I havent seen her in nearly 2years and miss her so very much. Thanks for cheering me up sis, and you didnt even know you were doing it did you? I love you heaps xxx

This photo of Samantha always makes me smile so hopefully if anyone is feeling a little down this will bring a smile to your was taken on her first birthday last month. She LOVES this little car!!! It has flashing lights and music (that drives her dad nuts) she climbs in the basket at the front which is so funny.

Til next time everyone as the song says "Dont Worry Be Happy".

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Papoosue said...

Oh Pauline, Sam is soooo cute in that photo! Cranky huh? Yup, been there - I know how you feel. Sometimes you just can't get 'happy' can you - it will pass I'm sure. Of course you could be pregnant..... (tee hee just kidding! sorry Pauline xx)