Saturday, May 22, 2010

The New Me

Well I did it!!!! I have been saying for months that I want my hair cut, it was driving me insane!!!! Dry, fly away and frizzy. I had tried treatments and potions and lotions but nothing helped so I finally got the big cut!
I have gone from this..

To this...

And when it is straightened

I'm not sure about it at the moment. It is a big change and taking a bit to get used to. So much easier to do though!!!! And oh the money I will save on conditioner!!! My son (aged13) said I looked like a nana when he first saw it but then later said it was growing on him. My husband David said it will take a while to get used to it, but that it was ok. My daughter (aged 4) just wants to know what I did with my hair.

I have all of a sudden become very aware of clothes. I think because I have been a larger size clothes haven't meant that much to me because there wasn't a lot to choose from in a size to fit me, but now I can buy nice, exciting clothes!!! I love shopping now!!! I even bought my first short skirt!!! OMG!!!!

It is choc brown corduroy and I love it with my boots!! I know for some it's not short but for me it is! I also found this tunic/dress that I fell in love with, it is so soft and floaty...

My poor husband doesn't know what's happened to me!!! He is used to me wearing track pants and being very dull, now I show a bit of leg and wear makeup and do my hair. Bring on the clothes!!!!


campbellgirl said...

What have you done with my sister, skinny b@#$%? LOL!!!! Lookin' good P. Love the hair, maybe not so much straightened but that's just me, very chic. I don't think dad would recognise you at all. Keep up the good work girly!

faerie finder said...

CUTE! :)
i love cute short hair like that and
you look adorable!!!
xoxo ♥