Monday, July 6, 2009


A few quick things to mention. Spencer won an award at school, Student Of The Month! We were so proud of him. David, Samantha, Grandad Ray, Nanny Ree and I went down to the school for the award ceremony. Spencer didn't know he was getting it, so was a bit worried when we all turned up, he thought he was in trouble!
My lovely son also made me this gorgeous box, which now holds all my necklaces that were just thrown in a drawer....

He did a great job with it, I love it!

I made Samantha the cutest little top!!! I have one question for you all, how do you stop the bottom of the knitting rolling up? I love this top but the rolling up, especially on the ruffle ruins the look for me....

I have also made a few hats and scarves, nothing to exciting. Though I did make Ray and Maree's new dog, Mini, a little coat to help keep her warm...

So I have been busy making things as you can see. I've been a bit depressed the last month or so, not really getting on with David's family, hate family get together! Missing my family so very much!

On the weight lose journey, I have gone from 126kg to 111kg, gone from size 26 jeans to size 20 jeans, never had a pair of 20 jeans, did a little dance when they went on!!!! Still have a long way to go my Dr wants me at at least 80kg.

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campbellgirl said...

Spen - your auntie is very proud of you, keep it up! Nana and grandad were very pleased with your award too. xxxoooxxx

Love Sam's top, P, very cool! Dog coat cute, so is dog!!! Give my love to R and M.