Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ashley's 21st

My sister-in-law Ashley turns 21 today, she decided she didin't want a big party so I invited her, her partner Andrew and daughter Skye around for dinner tonight, told her she wasn't allowed to cook or do dishes on her birthday. I wanted to make a special cake for her and as she loves chocolate cake that is what I made, but I spent the last week making chocolate roses to decorate it..

Having two nearly 40 degree days I couldn't make any on those days as the chocolate mixture just got to soft, but I got a few made. A very fiddly job but not to bad. Samantha and Spencer hung around like flies wanting the chololate! They are made from a mixture made up of chocolate and glucose syrup. Here is the end result...Hopefully she likes it!


campbellgirl said...

Oh that's so pretty, P! You ARE clever; Ashley just has to love it. Hope she has a fabulous day. xxx D.

Papoosue said...

That is one gorgeous looking cake Pauline - you are so clever! No wonder the children were hanging around, I would have too! Hope your SIL likes it - how could she not? xxxx