Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Little Lady

Samantha is growing up so fast! It only seems like last week when we were having her in the hospital, now, we are going through the lovely potty training phase!!! Oh the joy! She is great at doing wee's in it, but when comes to doing poo's in, NO WAY!! She did it once and now just holds it in until we put a nappy back on her. We have tried bribing her, chocolate, watching the Fairies, lollies, but nothing helps. We aren't to worried about it at this point I mean she is still only young.

I have started to get a bit nervous about the wedding now that it is getting closer and closer! I have little nagging things that bug me about things that may go wrong, I'm am trying to tell myself that every wedding has hitches and none go perfect so just relax and take it as it comes. I am getting excited as well, especially about having most of my family here, my mum and middle brother booked their flights over from NZ the other week, can't wait to see them!!!! The only things left to do is to find Spencer an outfit to wear, finding black dress pants in his size that don't cost $55 is a mission!!! Considering he will probably never wear them again, I don't really want to spend that if I don't have to. And the reception decorations!!! I will be making the cake a few weeks before the day and freezing it, decorate it the Friday before. 9 weeks to go!!!

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Papoosue said...

Awww, bless the wee soul! She'll get the hang of it eventually, don't worry :-)

Poor you, getting nervous. It's perfectly understandable of course and I think you should be proud of all you've achieved in organising the wedding, you've done a great job. I'm sure it will all be just fine too. People always say just to relax and enjoy the day cos' it goes so fast, don't they? Good advice, I suspect. Mind you, what would I know lol! I can't believe it's only 9 weeks - it seems to have come around really quickly. It's so exciting!!!