Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hi all, yes I am still here, just haven't been in the mood to fight with the computer trying to get photos to upload!

Hope you are all fine and dandy, things going swimmingly here, been cold and wet but I guess that's what you get in winter isn't it?

We bought a new dining setting off Ebay (love Ebay!!!) the other day. It is very much needed as the set we had only had three chairs and two off them were nearly falling to bits!!! And with most of family staying here for the week around our wedding we need every, decent, chair we can get!


Just when I thought we had made all the decisions we needed to for the wedding, someone mentioned decorations for the reception!!!!! Totally had not even thought about it!! So if anyone has any ideas for cheap, but elegant, table top decorations, all ideas gratefully received. I'm thinking maybe just a pretty candle on each table, but will consider anything.

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Lusks said...

For one daughter I put one plastic Calla Lily and three strands of Bear Grass in a goldfish bowl, sort of a swirl of green and choose the colour of your lily. We put maybe 6 glass beads on the bottom (bubbles). The other daughter had a glass bowl with some glass beads, water, one or two of her themed flower heads (Pink Germini)and a floating candle.

My advice would be keep it simple. and also use an odd number of flowers whatever you choose. Somehow it works better.