Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Son The Cook

Spencer baked his first "real" cake the other day , not a packet cake, but from scratch!!! He was so excited and I was so proud of him! He did a really good job and everyone loved the end result....

Spen has been trying really hard with his behaviour and he has been very helpful and a lot happier the last few weeks. I am very proud of him. He has been a real handful the last couple of years, he has had a lot to deal with, moving from New Zealand, away from his family and friends, getting used to having to share his mum, first with David and then Samantha. He has been so used to mum all to himself. But as I said he has started to settle down now and seems a lot happier.

We had hard garbage over here about a month ago, that's when everyone gets to put all their old junk on the roadside and the council guys come and pick it all up to dispose of. It is a great idea and you can find some amazing things in amongst the rubbish. Everyone goes through everyone else's piles to see what they can find! It may sound gross to some people, but the stuff some people throw out is unbelievable!!! David came home with a chest of drawers in the car and all that was wrong with it was one of the drawer bottoms was broken! We fixed it and it looks good as new and we saved ourselves about $350, which is what it would cost to buy a new one!!! And don't they look great in our room....

It looks really good and has given us some very much needed storage.

It has been a quiet few weeks here which is lovely, no major issues or problems (for a change). I have just been plodding along doing little things in prep for our wedding. i made a little drawstring bag for all my make-up an hankie the other day and it turned out better than I expected...

It is made from satin I had left over from making a wrap and I have sewn a flower trim around the top and then single single flowers sprinkled around the bag. I love it!!!!

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campbellgirl said...

Well done Spen!That looks yummo! It's exciting but nerve-wracking making your very first cake, don't you think? xox Aunty D.

Cool drawers, P. More like a scotch chest than what I had pictured in my mind. And to think someone just chucked it away - FOOLS!

Your bag is so sweet and pretty; great job!

xxxoooxxx D.