Sunday, June 8, 2008

Find OF The Year

I made the find of the year, for the wedding any way, over the weekend! I had decided that I wanted candles as wedding favours, but everything I looked at would have cost a fortune by the time I got the candles and holders, I was getting a bit down hearted about it when I found the perfect candles! I got them home and started work on them. I printed out " David & Pauline 19.10.08" and glued these around each holder, finishing them off with ribbon that I had used on the invitations. I put them into organza bags and added name tag, sewn on with heart buttons that I used on the invitations as well, so they are all tied together in a nice theme.And I am so happy with how they turned out....

Even David and Spencer were impressed with them! They look stunning!!! And the best thing is each candle and holder only $1!!! Yes $1!!!! What a bargain!!!! For the kids I am just going to put some lollies into the little bags, I'm sure they will appreciate that more than a candle!

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campbellgirl said...

Way to go P! That's a really neat little gift! xxxxxxxxxxxxx D