Saturday, August 6, 2011

Buzzzing Hexapuffs Beekeepers Quilt

What have I got myself into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am making a quilt.......
ok knitting a quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes knitting!!!!

It is a pattern by the extremely talented Stephanie Dosen (tinyowlknits).
It is called The Beekeepers Quilt
It is a work of art and I am loving making the wee hexapuffs.

This is Stephanie's quilt.....

And here are the hexapuffs I have made so far....

It should take me about a year, Steph's took one year, on and off.

I want to have it done for my daughter, Samantha's 6th birthday in April next year.
There are a bunch of us on doing a knit-a-long and we are having a blast!

You can get the pattern here http//

I ♥ this pattern!!!!!!!!!


PixieMum said...

As of yesterday evening I have made ten hexipuffs, I see the project as a way to create an heirloom for my family.

My mother knitted, embroidered, worked in hammered pewter and made prize winning lampshades. I will never be as good as her, but hope that my efforts will encourage my daughter to keep going with her knitting.

So, I think it is lovely that your beekeepers quilt will be for your daughter.


love your pretty puffles x