Monday, January 11, 2010

Wardrobe Refashion

Hi all. Been a busy few days, been working out like crazy trying to lose the 2kg I put on over Christmas, Spens birthday and New Year's! Have managed to do that so I thought I would show you my progress so far. Here I am holding up a pair of jeans that I used to fit into...

You will have to excuse the messy hair and no make up, it was 44 degrees yesterday and even though we have air con now I couldn't be bothered! But I am so glad I kept these jeans, so I have a reference point as to how far I have come. So far it is 25kg's that I have lost and sadly a lot more to go!!!! Just an added note, my husband David and I are in the process of cutting back on our cigarettes and trying to give up our smoking habit! Well whats the point in loosing weight to be healthy and continuing to smoke!

I also wanted to show you a wardrobe refashion I have done. My mum sent Samantha a parcel for Xmas and included in that parcel was this skirt...

Being a size 12 there was no chance of her wearing it anytime soon so I removed the bottom frill, scalloped the underskirt and used the removed frill tho make little cap sleeves. This is the end result...

I love it and think I did a pretty good job. Samantha puts it on and dances around like a ballerina.


campbellgirl said...

Girl you are just too cleva! What a gorgeous refashion, can't wait to show Mum!

When did that baby girl get to looking so grown up? She could be a model I reckon.

I so admire how you are turning your life around P; it's awesome to see those jeans and how far you have come. And as for the ciggies, you couldn't make the family happier! All the best P.

xxxoooxx D.

Papoosue said...

You, my girl, are looking totally AWESOME!! and I am SO envious lol. Good for you!! And you are so clever - I love what you did with the skirt - Sam looks cute as a button. :-)

faerie finder said...

hello lovely :)
thanks for visiting me :)
hearts & happy happy knitting!