Saturday, November 7, 2009


Our niece Jessica turned 3 the other day and for her party we went and made teddy bears!! We all had a great time and made some gorgeous teddy bears!!!

You pick an unstuffed bear and take it to the stuffing machine....

Then a lovely shop assistant gets you to put your foot on a peddle that activates the machine to stuff the bear...

From left to right you have Skye, Ella Rose(seated),Samantha, Jessica and Regine(seated at front)

And then you get to do the fun bit, dress the bear!!! They have an endless choice of clothes, shoes, wigs, bags, sunglasses etc.... From left to right my teddy Rose, Samantha and Teddy (have to get Samantha to think of better name for princess bear). They are so soft and so gorgeous!!!! A great time was had by all, adults and children!!! We came back and had dinner with family and friends. Jessica loved her cake....It was a lovely day. Oh and by the way I have sorted things out with the mother-in-law, we are all talking again and getting along fine. Much more peaceful and calm for everyone.

Just thought I would share a photo of me and my lovely husband David. It was taken by David's Aunty Pauline(GREAT NAME), on our wedding anniversary, and it is probably the first photo of myself, full-length, that I really like!!

Doesn't look as good shrunk, but any way, apart from the hair being a bit out of control, I like it. My tummy isn't bulging out like it used to and I look good, even if i do say so myself! I have now lost 22kg's and still going. Feeling happier and healthier and more confident in myself. A few people have commented on how good I'm looking, which boosts my ego and encourages me even more.

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campbellgirl said...

Your teddies are SOOOO cute! Looks like you all had a great time.

Lookin' good sis, your hair will soon be bigger than you are!!!!