Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still alive

Yes I'm still here, just haven't been in the mood to blog. Been busy knitting, knitting and more knitting, Here are a few few things I have made....

I made a bag for my step-mother-in law Maree for her birthday, love this bag want to make one for myself.

Made this skull pattern beanie for Spencer, he loves it,he's very much into skulls at the moment, which is good because all the clothing in the stores for his age have skulls on them! It is the first time I have knitted in two colours so I'm very happy with the end result...

I have made this hat and neck warmer for my mother for Christmas. I love the subtle lacy pattern on them, might make one for myself as well....

I have knitted a couple of other things but can't show them as someone who is to receive them for Christmas will see them.

We also got Spencer a new bed, he did have very ugly blue wooden bunks that were given to us. He hid dirty washing and rubbish under the bottom bunk all the time and his room just looked cramped and messy. Now the room looks twice the size and he is actually keeping it tidy!

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campbellgirl said...

Coooooool hat P! You did a great job, looks like you got the tension just right, better than my first colour work!! Woot woot!!

Nice bag - colours look interesting. Maree will love it.

Pretty hat and warmer. Mum will cry.

That bedroom looks AMAZING!!!

Love and {{{{{hugs}}}}, D.