Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Good and the Bad

First the bad..

We woke up this morning to find this greeting us on the road outside our house..

It is a dead wombat that we thought had been hit by a car until David discovered what looked like a bullet hole just behind it's ear! How can someone do that to an innocent animal!! And then to just dump it in the middle of the road, I'm sorry but what a bunch of wankers!!!!

Now for the good news, well the funny any way. Samantha went into her room yesterday and came out about 10 minutes later looking like this...

She had put two pairs of knickers on her head and looked like she was ready to rob a bank, I laughed so hard, she is a clown my little girl.

And to finish off with, Spencer got Samantha's Christmas presents today. She utterly adores the kids program "In The Night Garden", and they have just released the range of toys here in Australia so he got her these...

Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle!! She will flip when she gets them!! Her favourite is Upsy Daisy and she also goes round the house saying "makka pakka, makka pakka ohhwoop", so cute. Roll on Christmas!!! I'm actually organised this year, the kids things are either in our wardrobe or on lay-by and David's (AC/DC cd) should be released just in time for Christmas.

Oh and Happy Father's Day for tomorrow to my darling David and to my own lovely father who I miss terribly and love with all my heart.

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campbellgirl said...

Poor wombat; some people are just mongrels.

What a gorgeous pic of Sam! Can't wait to meet her.